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Vortas 5 Eat teases new segments 2

On TV5’s pilot broadcast yesterday, TVJ’s new noontime show “EAT” introduced segments that its loyal viewers will recognize.

TV5’s Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon show (TVJ) teased a lot of new segments and portions during its pilot episode.

Several titles were displayed on the screen as dancers took the stage.

As “Babala, Wag Kayong Ganuun” flashed on screen, the voice over said, “Iba-iba tayo ng istorya. Iba ang kwento mo.”

As “Wala Ka sa APo Ko” played on the screen, many kids took to the dance floor to dance to pop tunes and dance sports.

The stage was filled with well-built men displaying their physiques and dancing.

“Vortas 5,” the voiceover announced, was the “most unique and only body dance competition on Filipino television.”

A number of other titles were displayed on the screen, including “Perapy,” “Legit is it,” “That’s My Boyfriend,” “Password Please” and “Oo Hindi Pwede.”

Ryzza Mae played Miss Tapsi in “Da Bar,” which was inspired by Mely Tagasa’s Miss Tapia from the 1990s sitcom “Iskul Bukol.”

Ang mga aabangan natin yan. Paolo Ballesteros said that it follows the format of Monday for the Dabarkads.

A new episode of the show airs every Monday through Saturday at 11 a.m. TV5 broadcasts each episode.

TVJ explained how they came up with the show’s title at the end of the pilot episode.

It is a title na alam niyo on what is about to happen to me. It is a title na alam niyo on what will happen to me every day. Ipinapangako po namin na E-A-T, every day was a crime,” Vic said. Later, he said, “Eto ang Tinadhana” could also be the meaning.

As Joey was seen crying several times during yesterday’s broadcast, he joked “Eto ang Tears” as he coined the phrase “Eat Bulaga.”

Joey repeated what he had said earlier in their opening speech: Eto ang True. Basta E-A-T. Eto ang Title.

Joey said he did not want to be affiliated with any group that would assist him in achieving his goals; he wanted to be able to rely on himself.

It was Vic’s last words that said the most: “Kaya buong bansa, buong mundo E-A-T, everyday always together.”

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