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Tullfo blasts junk food tax hike plan as ‘anti-poor’

Tullfo blasts junk food tax hike plan as 'anti-poor'

Raffy Tulfo blasted the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)’s plan to tax junk food and other food items next year as “anti-poor.”

What is the BIR’s motivation in taxing chichirya (snacks)? It’s really anti-poor,” said Tulfo yesterday in Filipino.

In order to feed their hungry stomachs, poor families “would even eat chips as appetizers.” Tulfo said.

Why don’t they target luxury goods like food supplements, protein bars, energy bars, slimming drinks, and even cosmetics to raise more revenue for public treasury? ” he added.

The Department of Finance is planning on imposing a P10 per 100 grams tax on pre-packaged foods, including confectioneries, snacks and desserts.

A proposed tax measure approved by the Department of Health is aimed at discouraging consumers from buying junk food and preventing obesity and diabetes.

Besides encouraging manufacturers to decrease sodium content in their products, Tulfo said that the DOH needs to push them to do so.

Singapore manufacturers, for instance, found low-sodium substitutes for processed foods that did not adversely affect taste.

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