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The Philippine rescue team in Turkey clears 20 buildings

In search of survivors PHIAC a contingent of 82 Philippine agencies, has swept through 20 buildings destroyed by last week’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

As soon as the PHIAC arrived in Adiyaman last Friday, the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) reported that the PEMAT field hospital had been established.

A total of 14 patients were served on Saturday by the PEMAT field hospital, and 41 more were served on Sunday by the hospital.

PEMAT team leader Dr. Alfonso Danac joined the press briefing virtually from Turkey to say that despite the many challenges, the PHIAC has continuously helped earthquake victims.

Do you know what the situation is in Turkey?

One of the most devastated areas in Turkey has been affected by extreme cold temperatures, according to Danac.

PHIAC, the first such response team to reach Adiyaman, is also facing a language barrier, but Adiyaman’s people are very grateful for the help it is provided.

The OCD reported that the Filipino response team brought with them 13,412 kilos of medical supplies and equipment. Equipment for search, rescue, and retrieval from field hospitals and personnel shelters. Engineering tools and equipment as well as food rations.

As a result of OCD’s procurement of blankets, bonnets, and gloves, 11,205 blankets, 5,042 bonnets, and 420 gloves have been delivered to Turkish Airways’ cargo at Incirlik Air Base.

There have been more than 33,000 deaths reported since two earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria yesterday. Rescuers are still trying to free trapped people and have begun recovering the bodies of the deceased.

President Marcos, speaking in Tokyo, said the Philippines was also working on ways to help war-torn Syria after the powerful earthquakes of FePresident Marcos, speaking in Tokyo, said the Philippines was also working on ways to help war-torn Syria after the powerful earthquakes of Feb.

Syria and Turkey shift their focus to earthquake recovery

Besides Turkey, Syria was also hit by the conflict. So I’m trying to come up with a solution. Syria’s situation is not good, as we all know. On Sunday, while en route to Manila from Japan, the President told reporters that he was hoping to do something to help them too.

The Philippine rescue and medical teams that assisted the quake survivors in Turkey were also acknowledged by Marcos.

“Turkey is in a very bad situation right now. The Filipino contingent contributed a great deal to the relief effort. There is already a hospital set up and many people have been rescued. He continued They keep going.

The chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) announced yesterday that 53 trained police personnel are ready to go to Turkey and Syria to help with search and rescue operations.

According to General Rodolfo Azurin Jr speaking in Filipino We the PNP volunteered when our President said we would be sending our contingent because we have personnel capable of conducting rescue operations in similar circumstances.

The DND and OCD have not yet announced whether they will deploy to the earthquake-hit countries, according to Azurin.

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