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The Korean actor Yoo Ah In tested positive for marijuana use

The Korean actor Yoo Ah In tested positive for marijuana use

Soompi reports the police have confirmed Yoo Ah In has tested positive for marijuana. As soon as Yoo Ah In returned home from the United States earlier this week, the police initiated an investigation into his use of Propofol illegally. A hair sample and urine sample were required as part of the investigation.

It is not yet known whether his hair sample will test positive for marijuana usage, but the urine sample he provided testified to his use of marijuana. 

Multiple doctors’ clinics and offices were searched and seized in Seoul’s Gangnam and Yongsan districts. Over the past two years, these clinics have been suspected of providing Yoho Ah In with Propofol illegally.

Korean actor Yoho Ah In tests positive

According to police records, Ah-in has been receiving Propofol since 2021, and different clinics in Gangnam and Yongsan were searched and seized on February 8 and 9. Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug investigation unit conducted the investigation on behalf of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, which also questioned the actor.

The actor’s agency UAA responded to the police announcement by stating: “The police have yet to notify us of [his] drug test results.” The agency referred to the last statement they gave regarding the investigation as follows: “We plan to cooperate with all investigations proactively, just as we said in our previous statement.” 

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