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The actress’ viral photo with Dingdong has given Lai Austria Panawagan

Austria Panawagan

Dingdong Dantes has a message for his wife in this photo of him with Lai Austria which is currently trending online. We would be able to do all sorts of things with social media freedom, but a little mischief can sometimes bring us to places we don’t want to go.

There will be people who don’t understand your humor or point of view, and Lai Austria was recently put in hot water for what she posted on social media.

Austria Panawagan

When she posted her picture with Dingdong Dantes, she put a funny caption in the caption, but the joke is just for her. It sounded inappropriate for an actor who is devoted to his wife, according to some netizens online.

As she jokingly warned other people of being “lagot to Marian”, she was countered by their humor.

After the post gained so much attention online, she edited it in a previous article. Dingdong Dantes and I were a love team on Family Feud Philippines at 5:30pm.

A photo of Dingdong Dantes with Lai Austria has surfaced that has Marian trending

“Panawagan” means “let her be” as she said in her comments to the wife. Adding, “I’m glad you enjoyed the game, Ate Marian [Rivera]. What a great experience, thanks to God and to the Department of Corrections.”

She joked that she wanted the actress more than her husband when someone told her she was “lagot”.

Austria Panawagan

In the meantime, the Dantes family is highly regarded in the entertainment industry. Marian and Dingdong raised Zia and Sixto in the right way, not just for their good looks and talent, but also for their good hearts.

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