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Practices of unfair debt collection

Practices of unfair debt collection

As a result of the pandemic, I was unable to repay a loan I had taken out with an online lending company (OLC). I and my relatives receive repeated calls and texts from the OLC harassing and threatening us, despite my assurances that I will pay.

Their app may have remotely accessed my contacts list without my permission. My feelings are hurt and humiliated by this. Is the OLC responsible for the acts of its officers and/or employees?

There are others like you who are in the same boat as you. A Public Advisory on Online Lending Companies, dated April 23, 2021, that can be accessed at, has been released by the Department of Justice-Office of Cybercrime.

Following the increasing number of complaints and reports against some online lending companies for unfair debt collection practices. This document provides victims with information on legal remedies they can pursue against OLCs and warns these companies of possible consequences for engaging in illegal activities.

OLC did not have permission to access your contact list, as you mentioned. Definition: Using any resource of a computer system or communication network, including instruction, communication, storage and retrieval of information.

Moreover, if it is demonstrated that such OLC illegally accessed your phone book or contacts list without permission is proven to be true, violating Sections 4 (a) (1) and 8 of RA 10175 would result in penalties.

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