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Portuguese teachers protest in thousands for the latest round

Portuguese teachers protest in thousands for the latest round

Lisbon: On Saturday, more than a thousand teachers demanded better working conditions and higher salaries in the latest round of protests across Portugal.

FENPROF, the national union for teachers reported the rally attracted more than 150,000 people. According to Mario Nogueira, secretary general of FENPROF this is probably the largest teacher demonstration in Portugal.

According to Agence France-Presse Augusto Figueredo a technology teacher from Rio Maior about 100 kilometers north of Lisbon we are outraged.

Inhuman schedules, discriminatory appraisals, and miserable salaries… these are the realities of our profession today he said. Salaries should keep up with inflation and tenure should be improved, according to teachers.

The real working hours of the employees should also be considered. In her concern about “the future of Portuguese teachers and schools,” Maria da Luz Ribeiro said, “This working time must be recognized.”

A 68-year-old man who retired last year said he worked longer to improve his pension.

Following a series of protests and rotating strikes by region that have resulted in school closures, Saturday’s national demonstration comes after a series of protests and rotating strikes.

Several protests and rotating strikes have led to school closures in the lead up to Saturday’s national demonstration There will be a new round of negotiations between the ministry and unions next week.

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