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PLDT’s largest data center gains a boost

Radius Telecoms Inc. will boost connectivity in PLDT Inc.’s biggest data center, scheduled to go online in 2024, with its 11th data center.

Radius Telecoms, PLDT’s technology unit, has provided internet services to boost VITRO Sta’s quality and speed of connectivity. When it is finished next year, Rosa will be ready.

The VITRO Station. The Rosa data center is set to become PLDT’s largest by 2024 when it is completed.

ViTRO Sta will be the site of Radius Telecoms’ point of presence under the partnership. Rosa will provide connectivity solutions to the company. In the facility, enterprises and hyperscalers can store data if they choose to do so.

Radius Telecoms is also expanding the fiber connection of the data centers with ePLDT. Furthermore, it plans to build a fiber facility to link VITRO Sta. In Metro Manila, Rosa is connected with other data centers.

ViTRO Sta’s growth is supported by the partnership, according to ePLDT’s president and CEO Victor Genuino. The facility has the potential to be a hyperscale magnet, according to Rosa.

The term hyperscaler refers to tech giants such as Amazon, Google, and Meta that are always looking for colocation spaces like VITRO Sta. The data can be stored at Rosa.

ViTRO Sta’s hyperconnectivity, resilience, and scalability would be undoubtedly enhanced by the addition of Radius Telecoms. Our clients can leverage endless growth opportunities through Rosa, which ensures their confidence in navigating the digital landscape.

STATUS VITRO. Its capacity is initially 14 megawatts, but could increase to 50 megawatts when fully operational in 2024.

The ePLDT portfolio currently comprises 10 data centers in Metro Manila and nearby provinces with a total capacity of 34 MW.

By the end of 2024, PLDT’s technology arm expects to have 62 MW of capacity installed. Moreover, VITRO Makati 2 and VITRO Paraaque were expanded.

PLDT’s ePLDT unit is responsible for building and enhancing data centers to support the ongoing shift to digital transactions.

Data centers in the Philippines are expected to grow by at least 25 percent every year until 2027, providing an economic and employment boost.

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