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Matteo helps Sarah bring out her business side

Matteo helps Sarah bring out her business side

Sarah Geronimo has been married to Matteo Guidicelli for three years and believes having a partner who helps you achieve your dreams is vital.

The Pop Star Royalty recently told The Philippine STAR and other media outlets that they need to surround themselves with people who are trustworthy to feel comfortable being themselves.

I believe it is very important for our children to be equipped with financial knowledge when they start having kids. In order to avoid making mistakes, they need that. The goal is to reach that financial level.”

Whenever money is discussed, Sarah gets jittery. The actor-athlete and TV host said she was extremely proud of her husband. The issue isn’t just something I talk about openly and vocally. Having a private life together as a couple is important to me.”

Public figures must deal with these things as part of their lives, she continued. Grounding is important, as well as being able to be completely honest with someone. When you’re in the public eye, it’s hard to make a mistake. The fact that we value the future of the Filipino family and educate people about financial literacy makes me very happy and proud to work for this company.”

Matteo helps Sarah bring out her business side

Besides Matteo, who has been with Sunlife for eight years, Sarah is joined by Piolo Pascual, his son Iigo, and Donnie Pangilinan as its newest brand ambassador.

I gained a lot of knowledge about investing and finances at Sunlife. You are guided every step of the way by Sunlife throughout your life,” she said.

It is obvious that Sarah and Matteo have taken their marriage to new heights after spending the first few days of their marriage in lockdown.

(The COVID pandemic) lockdown occurred the week after our wedding, forcing us to stay in the condo for six months. Our dog, 04, and I were the only ones there. I actually found it challenging. Sarah shared that “we learned a lot and discovered a lot.”.

Matteo and Sarah founded G Productions two years ago to mount concerts. Investing their own money into productive enterprises has been a success for them.

Sarah believes that artists have a lot of potential. Despite their good qualities, some of them lack the necessary push. Artists are not maximizing their abilities or talents.

When I hear a certain piece of music, I will automatically think of an artist who might be ideally suited to record it. My husband said, “It would be nice if we were able to get involved in production (process) in the future.”

During the pandemic, the couple founded G Productions. As Matteo explained, we started shooting videos on our own at home. G Productions was the idea we had for a production company. Our response was to laugh (at the idea). It took a while for us to take it seriously, but we did.

A number of projects have been co-produced by G Productions with Viva to date. In collaboration with the entertainment company, Sarah produces music videos and concerts. Her concert with Bamboo is being organized by G Productions at Araneta Coliseum on July 7.

Matteo revealed that Sarah is the president of G Productions. It’s really encouraging to see her succeed. She is able to express herself creatively. The growth of her independence is evident every day. There is no doubt in her mind what she wants. My goal is to make Sarah feel capable of doing anything she wants.

The only reason I’m here is to support my wife. I’m down here, but I’m not able to feel my legs, but she has a lot of brains and creativity. Collaboration is the key to Sarah’s success. New artists are all featured in her new songs. That’s what she advocates for. Filipino artists need to be really pushed.”

Sarah will record and shoot at G Studios. Artists from other fields will also be invited to participate. Matteo said the restaurant would open at the end of July. Alabang is an ideal location for shooting. There is a businesswoman’s heart in my wife. That’s what she’s got inside of her. “All I’m doing is supporting her.”

There aren’t any studios in the south, lamented the pop star. The south is home to many of our friends. As soon as the studio opens, they will be able to use it,” she said. The business side of Sarah’s career is important to her.

She maintained, “I think you should know about money as well,” it was part of protocol. It would be wonderful if one day we artists could enrich our art to its fullest potential.”

In Matteo’s opinion, if we’re extremely passionate about something and we want to invest time and effort in something, we try to keep it between us, with our family, just us. There’s always a family-orientation to this.”

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