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Maryland man wins lottery twice, thanks to lucky hairstyle

Lucky lottery player credits hairstyle for second big win.  Maryland lottery officials announced Thursday that William Daniels Jr. won $50,000 on a scratch-off ticket. His previous scratch-off winnings in 2015 were $100,000. During his first win, Daniels had long hair, but after his 2015 success, he cut it short.

At the time, Daniels said, “I can now afford a good haircut.”

Recently, he won the lottery again after growing his hair out. A large part of his recent success can be attributed to his hairstyle.

He says he won’t change his hairstyle when he plays scratch-offs. 

The lottery prescribed that he buy two scratch-off tickets on the day of his first win. A lucky winner won the second one, while the first one did not have a prize. When Daniels saw the ticket, he showed it to his mom to confirm he had won.

During that time, he said, “I thought I would die.”.

The first win Daniels earned was used to repay his parents’ loans. A new home was also financed with some of the funds. Whenever he has a few dollars on hand, he buys a scratch-off ticket. The winning ticket he bought in Nottingham was bought at a 7-Eleven.

As Daniels described it, hitting it is a sense of disbelief. Make sure you’re not misinterpreting it.”

His new windfall will be put to good use.

“This will be used to pay for my wedding,” he explained.

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