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‘Mananangal’ is alleged to have been seen by 2 minors in Talisay, Cebu, who are tearing up


A manananggal is allegedly spotted atop a roof in Talisay City Cebu causing two minors to get emotional and break down.

Considering the modernity of our time and technology, most people no longer believe in paranormal activities and supernatural creatures. Our ancestors’ wild imaginations were the source of those entities, according to many of us.

Although some people still believe they exist after having a personal encounter with such entities, there are still some who don’t believe they exist so much. Since there was no evidence to support these claims, skeptics were unwilling to accept them.


The video footage of two minors crying as they are comforted by family and friends was posted on Facebook by a user named Lee Tee Coo. There are reactions from the online community in response to the video.

As the two young girls recounted the incident to their fellow villagers, they loudly cried and gasped for breath. During a visit to Sitio Manga in Talisay City, the teenagers found the creature perched on top of a roof.

“Mananangal” was described by the girls as having a young, round face and wearing a full black outfit.

A month has passed since I last talked to you. The first day nga nakit-an nga nagtuwad will be Friday, January 27. Following that, on Friday we’ll nakkita nagbatog atop the roof among silingan nga ang 

nagpuyo naay masakiton. After the third time, I jumped up to a third floor, and then I heard an alarm, and I ran up to the roof,” Co said.

There was no evidence to support the investigation, so barangay officials and police authorities were unable to proceed.

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