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LTO suspends accreditation of newly opened driving schools

While it reviews regulatory guidelines, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has suspended accreditation of new driving schools.

Applicants for new driving schools in the country will not be accepted or processed by the LTO.

Memorandum states that the suspension became effective on June 30.

Deputy chief of the LTO’s accreditation committee, Hector Villacorta, said regional accreditation committees had the duty to process all applications that came in before the memorandum went into effect.

According to the June 23 memo, LTO Memorandum Circular JMT-2023-2390, which specifies the guidelines for licensing, supervising, and controlling driving institutions and standardizing driver and conductor education, has been reviewed and evaluated.

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Driving institutions were instructed to comply with prescribed education standards by establishing an accreditation system.

In addition, the document outlined what schools need in order to conduct driver and conductor education programs, such as physical sites, equipment, materials, and other essentials.

The memo said that good governance requires review and evaluation to ensure effectiveness.

Motorcycle and four-wheeled driving courses will be charged P1,000 maximum under the memorandum.

Likewise, motorcycle driving courses cost a maximum of P2,500, light vehicles cost a maximum of P4,000 and heavy vehicles, such as buses, trucks, and other articulated vehicles, cost a maximum of P8,000.

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