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Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr. chief of the Philippine National Police

Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr. chief of the Philippine National Police

General Benjamin Acorda Jr., head of the Philippine National Police, is uncertain if the PNP is winning the war on drugs.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) celebrated its 21st anniversary yesterday, and Acorda expressed uncertainty about police operations against illegal drugs.

The exact parameters for judging whether we are winning or losing are hard to define, Acorda said.

In terms of “accomplishments, counter-narcotics operations, arrests, and numbers,” he assured the public that the statistics were “good.”

The PNP was also accused of corruption by Acorda after 990 kilograms of shabu were stolen during a sting in Manila in October.

As a result of the shabu haul, 48 police officers, two generals, and a colonel have been charged with crimes.

In order to eliminate these rogue officers, we try our best. Acorda said, “We filed charges against those individuals, and we are waiting for the court to rule.”.

PDEA agents exhibited resilience and professionalism despite countless challenges, he said.

He emphasized the importance of protecting our communities and safeguarding our nation’s youth.

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