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Celebrating Eat Bulaga’s first month anniversary

Aside from serving as the debut of the “legit Dabarkads” on TV5, July 1 also marked the debut of ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime on the GMA-owned GTV channel as well as the return of the original Eat Bulaga hosts.

The message is that it’s a celebration… but it’s a kaplastikan. This is the first time three noontime shows have been offered (for free). It’s pointless to fight each other, isn’t it? Paolo Contis, host of Eat Bulaga, spoke on Friday at a press conference for Bubble Gang, his other GMA show. TAPE, Inc.-produced Eat Bulaga also includes Buboy Villar and Betong Sumaya among its new host lineup.

As of presstime, TVJ’s noontime show on TV5 had yet to reveal its title. But they had already expressed their intention to still use Eat Bulaga amid the trademark war with the Jalosjos-owned blocktimer TAPE.

Paolo, nevertheless, conceded that the TVJ-produced show was expected to generate the most interest yesterday, agreeing with the media comment that it could be out of curiosity or force of habit.

“At 44 years, that’s a long time,” he said about the trio who fronted Eat Bulaga for four decades before leaving GMA after 28 years and severing its ties with TAPE.

It’s Showtime or the TVJ show aren’t really on their minds at the moment, because they are focused more on the fact that they made it past the first month. The group is “emotional” just because of this feat, he said.

It’s my first time watching Showtime on GTV or watching TV and it’s my first time watching Showtime on TVJ. Isang buwan kami na isip namin, and that’s something we’re proud of.

A learning experience

The current hosts of Eat Bulaga are some of the network’s busiest talent. All Out Sundays also features Buboy and Betong. They both belong to Bubble Gang, as we’ve already mentioned.

According to Buboy, being on TV and working every day makes him feel blessed. Playing and having different playmates makes me feel like I am in a big playground.”

Despite the naysayers, he doesn’t worry about them. Nowadays, he focuses more on maintaining their health despite a busy schedule.

The person who prepares and reminds them to take their vitamins is Buboy, who said, “Actually, ang pinaka-iniingatan po natin ay ang kalusugan namin.”

A comedian asked Betong how he manages his schedule and Betong responded, “Actually, I’m not aware of what my schedule is right now. The joke is long, po.”

However, I am extremely grateful. There is a need for focus here. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with the schedule. It’s my honour to thank (our talent management) Sparkle, as well as our bosses. We work together to keep the schedule on track. Thank you for accommodating all of the shows.”

So far, they have learned the following after hosting Eat Bulaga for one month.

It’s great to hear from you! “Dapat ‘wag kang sigaw ng sigaw because you’ve been improving my Boses. Get to know each other by listening to each other. When I was on stage, whenever I was on stage, I used to say to myself, ‘Sabay sabay kayo nagsalita;’ ” he said. I’m a matutunan, so it’s okay if I talk to you.”

Betong continued, “Making kakainin na bigas is my dream, he said. As a team, they are “continuously” striving to “improve” and remain “solid” since Day 1.

According to Bossing (Vic Sotto), maybe after 44 years, we’ll still be ‘gagaling sila.’ Technically, we are just a month old, and our goal is to be better. There was never a time when I did not reap what I sowed. That’s something I hope people remember,” Paolo said.

He quipped, “But technically, we will be here for one month,” he explained.

We would appreciate a little consideration (but no, I don’t mean that). It would be great if they could grow with us.”

Is it not a ‘legitimate’ Dabarkad?

TVJ and other former Eat Bulaga hosts were also questioned about not being called “legit Dabarkads.”

As far as Buboy is concerned, he doesn’t care. “Not really (Di naman po). It’s a Kanya-Kanya situation. Like basketball, it’s a game of skill. We are betting on our own (Kanya-kanya tayong manok). Who wins in the end? He addressed the audience.

In response to The STAR’s question about rumors that several Sparkle artists had been approached to host Eat Bulaga, but declined because they feared being blasted, “Ako po, simulat sapul, bawat binibigay sa akin na trabaho, tinatanggap ko po yan… As an artist, as an entertainer, as an actor, I would do the job because it was given to me.”

The dami din pong tumanggi din siguro, the dami ding umayaw, the dami ding katikili, the dami din pong blessed din, which means happy din. The more people I can make happy, the happier I am.”

During the premiere of his new film Ang Pangarap Kong Oskars, Paolo expressed the same sentiment. According to him, people have the right not to refer to them as Dabarkads.

In my perspective, it’s Kanya-Kanya. My job is to do the best I can with the job I have been given. There has been no stepping on anyone’s toes. According to him, that’s his belief as well. I’m very thankful to be a part of the group. I am very grateful to be part of the group. That’s all I need. All of them know that work is work. Professionals like them should understand that.

The word Dabarkads has since been less frequently used on air however. The answer is yes, although I’m not sure I can actually say it. Since we are with GMA Network, we use the term Kapuso… It’s proper to use the term. Our name is Kapuso for a reason,” said Paolo.

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