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A teacher in Cebu City is under investigation for allegedly shaming two students

DepEd investigates alleged shaming of two Cebu City students by a teacher

Students at Cebu City High School are alleged to have been shamed by their teachers for allegedly cheating on a periodical exam. The Education Department is investigating the allegations.

Tisa National High School teacher allegedly posted online a video of students getting scolded, according to GMA Regional TV-Balitang Bisdak Alan Domingo’s Thursday report on 24 Oras Weekend.

Despite the fact that one student admitted to cheating on the test, another denied it. However, the student chose to stay home for fear of being bullied.

Student “Dodong” admitted, I didn’t realize that I was hammered with the kanyang ginawa.

Having been shamed, we couldn’t sleep. What the teacher did was wrong.

In addition, he was unaware that the incident had been recorded on video.

“This is not right she said adding you should have called the parents in if you had uploaded it.

The principal would make a decision about the matter, which they would abide by.

When the local television station Balitang Bisdak went to the school to comment on the matter, the teacher was not there.

Nevertheless, Principal Roy Genares knew Balitang Bisdak was cheating and he predicted his behavior would not be tolerated.

(Teacher was merely emphasizing the immorality of cheating, but the method she used was inappropriate.)

Dr. Salustiano Jimenez regional director of DepEd-7, noted that I observe the policies of DepEd, which include safeguards protecting children through the child protection policy.

I would like us just to examine the policies, laws, and child protection policies of Deped (the department that protects students.)

According to Jimenez, Sara Duterte’s recent professionalism policies should also be followed. GMA Integrated News, DVM.

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