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A Minnesota man was convicted of shooting and killing his wife with a shotgun on the eve

A Minnesota man was convicted of shooting and killing his wife with a shotgun on the eve

An eviction squad of St. Paul, Minn. evicted a couple from their home 13 years ago after leading to his wife’s death with a shotgun.

From the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office comes a mugshot of Nicholas Firkus, who was convicted in April 2010 of killing his wife.

The trial for the shooting of Heidi Firkus, 25, took place with Nicholas Firkus being convicted. In his defense, the fatal shooting was the result of an intruder breaking into the house and shooting him accidentally.

Law enforcement officers reported that Heidi Firkus was hit in the leg and back twice by a gun discharged during a struggle with the intruder over the firearm.

 A gunshot wound to Nicholas Firkus’ upper-left thigh and groin was initially reported by Law&Crime to have killed the wife. He was pronounced dead at the scene, while his wife was pronounced dead at the scene.

The husband’s narrative was rejected by Ramsey County jurors following an 11-day trial.

The prosecution argued that the husband was in a desperate and ashamed state due to the impending loss of the family’s home and mounting financial troubles.

The statement of Nicholas Firkus

According to Firkus, he woke up around 6 a.m. Sunday morning while he and his wife were asleep in their upstairs bedroom. He went to the bathroom to get some water. A little after 6:30, he awoke from a sound of someone trying to open their front door, so he returned to bed but hadn’t yet fallen asleep.

He told Heidi to call 911 as soon as she woke up. His shotgun was in the closet when she called and he prepared to leave.

As they walked down the stairs, Heidi held a phone conversation with the 911 operator. A stranger was standing at the front door as they ascended the stairs.

According to Firkus, Heidi and the intruder struggled as she ran toward the back door. First, the gun went off twice, and Heidi was hit in the back by the first shot.

Attorney John J Coverage:

Ramsey County Attorney John J. Choi announced the indictment in a news release, which listed financial difficulties and steep debt, including an overdrawn bank account and an REI credit card with an outstanding balance of $17,381.66. According to prosecutors, he also provided his wife with repeated false assurances. As well as dealing with creditors, she dealt with alleged bank fraud.

It was Nicholas Firkus who did the unthinkable because he refused to accept that he would be exposed as a fraud by prosecutor Rachel Kraker.

Pioneer Press reported that “he saved his reputation by saving Heidi’s life.

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